Four Beautiful Decades and Counting

THS Creative is a leader in the home products industry and has built that reputation over four decades. We have done everything from building sets for gorgeous photography and videography to creating ads and websites to build brands from the ground up. We are proud of our work and expertise.  


Built on Talent

The THS  marketing team specializes in building brands across multiple platforms and channels. We excel in storytelling in all its forms and have a dedicated team of art directors, web developers, videographers, copywriters, and strategists in place, ready to offer smart, strategic solutions for any marketing need. 


Producing Arresting Images and Results

Our studio covers 110,000 square feet and has 30 fully outfitted bays. It's populated with dozens of talented artists, from photographers and videographers to carpenters and producers. Our work reflects our experience and creativity.    


Let Us Solve Your Problems

Let’s begin! New business prospects? Job hunting? Just plain curious? You’ve come to the right place!

If you have questions or think we would make a good partner for your business, email us at [email protected], or call 336-855-8220. We will contact you or get you in touch with the best person to help.

Let’s Talk

How Can We Help?

Let us know what you need, what issues you’re wrestling with, or what your goals are. Chances are we have people who can help. Fill out the contact form and let's get started.
THS Creative
4200 Piedmont Parkway
Greenboro, NC 27410

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